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The RØDE PSA1 Pro Studio Arm is the ideal microphone boom arm for any studio setting. Supporting broadcast-style microphones from 1.5 to 2.4 lb., the PSA1 provides over 32 inches of horizontal reach and 33 inches of vertical extension for optimal mic placement. With a sturdy steel construction and quality components, this professional boom arm offers smooth and precise positioning to capture any source. The PSA1 is the perfect desktop stand for radio studios, broadcasters, musicians and podcasters alike.

Fluid 360-degree Rotation and Robust Build

The PSA1 features a sturdy steel-tube construction with durable springs and bearings for fluid movement in any direction. With a full 360-degree rotation, the PSA1 allows for precise mic placement at any angle. The robust build supports most standard broadcast mics for many years of dependable use.

Extensive Vertical and Horizontal Reach

An impressive 32.3 inches of horizontal extension and 33 inches of height adjustment provide ample coverage for any desktop. The long reach makes it easy to position a microphone for an interview, group podcast or instrument recording with multiple sound sources.

Versatile Mounting Options

With both a desk clamp and desk insert included, the PSA1 can mount to desktops up to 2.16 inches thick. The clamp attaches securely to the edge of the desk while the insert fits standard desk holes for a minimal footprint. Both attachments provide a stable base for the fully-adjustable boom arm.

Cable Management and Additional Accessories

Velcro cable wraps are included to keep microphone cables neatly bundled and out of the way. An optional shock mount, the RØDE PSM1, is available separately for even greater isolation. With additional accessories and cable management features combined with its premium build and adjustability, the PSA1 is a complete mic boom arm solution.

RODE PSA1 Pro Studio Arm
RODE PSA1 Pro Studio Arm

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