The SUB 8003-AS II active subwoofer features the latest generation of RCF woofer technology, digital amplifiers and DSP processing with higher power and enhanced performance. It offers the perfect blend of bass reproduction, high SPL and compact dimensions for mobile use by bands and DJs.

The SUB 8003-AS II is equipped with a 1,100W RMS (2,200W peak) digital amplifier offering very high output, extremely low distortion and incredibly natural sound. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminum structure which not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation, but also assists in heat dissipation.

At the receiving end of all this power is a robust, high-power 18" RCF woofer, which pumps out extremely tight, satisfying bass. RCF's inside/outside voice coils represent unmatchable reference in power handling, as their triple-thick former transfers the sound to the cone with extreme accuracy and reliability. The SUB 8003-AS II's bass-reflex design produces an extremely high SPL by drastically reducing the distortion.

The input board offers stereo XLR inputs and stereo XLR link-crossover outputs with switchable crossover frequencies for satellite systems. The RCF SUB 8003-AS II powered subwoofer also has built-in DSP with selectable presets for perfect and easy adaptation to RCF’s active 2-way speakers.

  • Class-D amplification with 1,100W RMS/2,200W peak output
  • 18" high-power woofer
  • Bass-reflex design for high SPL
  • Built-in DSP with selectable presets
  • User-selectable crossover presets and time delay
Speaker Configuration
  • Active/passive: Active
  • Type: Subwoofer
  • LF driver: 18"
  • MF driver: Not applicable
  • HF driver: Not applicable
  • Amplifier class: D
  • Wattage: 1,100W RMS/ 2,200W peak
  • Mixer/preamp: Not applicable
  • Frequency response: 35Hz–120KHz
  • Coverage pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Max SPL: 133dB
  • XLR: 2
  • TRS: Not applicable
  • TS: Not applicable
  • RCA: Not applicable
  • SPEAKON: Not applicable
  • XLR: 2
  • TRS: Not applicable
  • TS: Not applicable
  • RCA: Not applicable
  • SPEAKON: Not applicable
  • Cabinet material: Wood
  • Width: 20.59 in.
  • Height: 27.32 in.
  • Depth: 27.56 in.
  • Weight: 95.9 lb.

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