Specifically designed for the elementary music classroom
The Discovery Series mallets and accessories are specifically designed for use on Orff and other instruments in the elementary music classroom.

Professionally designed
These professionally designed mallets offer the student both exceptional quality and unequaled durability.

Fiberglass handles with rubber grips
For added comfort, sturdy fiberglass handles are fitted with rubber grips that won't come off.

Lots of choices
Lots of choices for a broad range of sounds.

Color-coded for fast, easy selection of mallets.
  • FPA (accessory): Harder than the FPR. Just right for softer glockenspiel parts or as an accessory mallet.
  • FPC (cord): Wrapped with a 100% cotton cord, provide a dense, articulate sound perfect for metallophones.
  • FPF (felt): Synthetic felt is almost wear-proof! Wood shaft for maximum playability.
  • FPP (phenolic): Perfect for louder, more articulate glockenspiel passages.
  • FPR (rubber): Provides maximum articulation on xylophones and metallophones. Can be used on any accessory instrument.
  • FPTR (triangle beaters): Available in two sizes for a variety of uses.
  • FPY (yarn): For soft, full tone on the xylophones. Wrapped with long-lasting four-ply synthetic and wool-blend yarn.
  • FPY100 (contra bass yarn): Specifically for use on large tone bars. Lightweight design and longer shaft means easier handling.

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