Practice Tracks


On Volume 1 of Jazz Blues For All Lead Instruments CD from the Practice-Tracks Series, ten percolating backing tracks brew up a tasty array of jazz and blues styles around which you can build your chops and solos. By playing along or soloing to the accompaniment, you'll cover all the jazz styles of today, you will build your musical insight in various keys, tempos, and feels. Whether your instrument is guitar, trumpet, sax, clarinet, keys, or even vocals, these backing tracks gives you an array of grooves played by top session players. The Jazz Blues accompaniment CD also takes blues to another level by adding in jazzy chords so you can do some solo exploration. Jazz, Latin groove, funk, minor blues, swing, and slow blues are all right here.
  • Jazz/blues practice tracks for all instruments
  • Play along or solo with a hot rhythm section
  • 10 grooves in assorted keys and tempos performed by Hollywood's top session players
  • Each practice track is over 5 minutes in length
  • Includes 8 Clayton picks