Peluso Microphone Lab


Peluso Microphone Lab produces a line of top-quality studio microphones inspired by the classic vintage microphones. These custom designed vacuum tube and solid-state, condenser and ribbon microphones sound like vintage mics did when they were new. Peluso microphones are hand assembled from top quality modern and vintage components from American, European, and Asian sources. From the hand soldering on our circuit boards to the selection and testing of our tubes, we see that each of our mics deserves the Peluso name, right here in our Virginia facility. We extensively test every Peluso microphone and kit with our computer frequency response system and with a human listening test with all components of each kit prior to shipment. This testing ensures that the highest quality and lowest noise standards are met. Here at Peluso Microphone Lab we strive to produce a product of superb quality at a fair price. Peluso Microphone Lab, proud to provide vintage sound today.  

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