Pedaltrain' Classic Series is rooted in the company' best-selling pedalboard models. Pedaltrain has incorporated design improvements that make these models better than ever. Based on the original PT-JR, the Classic JR features Pedaltrain' original four-rail design and traditional rail spacing. However, the Classic JR has been updated with an open front design (portholes are history) making power supply mounting more flexible and convenient. Other changes include a wider stance at 18 and the elevation has been raised by approximately 1. And, as always, Classic JR is made with Pedaltrain' signature featherweight aircraft-grade aluminum.

Included with purchase is 72 (183 cm) of Pedaltrain' professional grade hook-and-loop pedal fastener and plenty of zip ties for securing cables and your choice of a redesigned fitted soft case (featuring a heavy-duty metal zipper and reinforced stress points) or Pedaltrain' professional-grade tour case.