Introducing the Pearl Session Studio Select 5-piece shell pack, featuring a perfectly pitched shell blend worthy of the Session name. For over a quarter century, Pearl Session drums have yielded some of the most harmonically vibrant drum tones ever captured in the studio environment. This high-end drum series has turned up on countless records over the years, and thanks to excellent build quality, many original kits are still in use today. But rather than rest on their laurels, Pearl brought the series back with a custom upgrade pulled from the boutique-level Masterworks spectrum that’s now available at Guitar Center.

Pearl Session Studio Select 5-piece drum shell pack in Ice Blue Oyster wrap finish, with cymbals and hardware (sold separately)

Professional-grade drums worthy of the Pearl Session name

The Pearl Session legacy is not to be taken lightly, and this Session Studio Select shell pack meets that standard with all the hallmarks of a premium Pearl kit: OptiMount hardware, carefully selected wood shells and gorgeous finish options. And in a special deal, Pearl is including the 14x14” floor tom for free in this configuration, creating a perfectly spaced 10/12/14/16” progression of toms. By giving the drummer options at both the high and low ends of the spectrum, this kit allows for more precise, diverse fills in any genre. Matching snare drum and Pearl hardware sold separately.

Pearl Session Studio Select drum with head removed, showing mahogany and birch shell interior and bearing edge

Combination mahogany/birch shells for a “pre-EQ” studio sound

Drawing from the hybrid recipes of the custom-only Masterworks series, the Session Studio Select drum shell is a thin, 5.4 mm 6-ply combination of premium Masters-grade hard birch and furniture-grade African mahogany. The two plies of warm, furniture-grade African mahogany create powerful low-end depth, while the four plies of Masters-grade hard birch even out the tone and ensure a clear attack. A thinner drum shell also means these drums are extra sensitive, allowing for the kind of subtle dynamic work that shines in the studio. Pearl cut the bearing edges to a sharp 60° to keep the sound punchy, clear and warm, perfect for a microphone.

Pearl Session Studio Select Badge on Ice Blue Oyster drum shell

A curated selection of finishes and redesigned Session series badge

Session Studio Select finishes range from simple to complex, bold to classic, with a selection of high-gloss lacquers and premium Delmar wraps. Just like the drums themselves, these finishes offer something for drummers of any genre or style, from subtle, old-school jazz players to flashy heavy hitters. Pearl also designed a new Session Studio Select badge using the classic muted bronze and black color scheme familiar to fans of the original Session series, updated with fine vertical stripes.

Pearl Session Studio Select rack tom, mounted on OptiMount suspension system and fitted with SuperHoop II hoops

Name-brand hardware, hoops and heads leave nothing to chance

No studio-ready kit would be complete without proper tom isolation, so these shell packs come equipped with Pearl’s proprietary OptiMount suspension system, designed to let the drums resonate freely while preventing drift. Rack and floor toms are all topped with 2.3 mm SuperHoop II hoops and Remo pinstripe heads, and the floor tom legs are attached with Pearl Masters-tier brackets that keep the drum firmly planted without stifling the sound. Top it all off with Pearl’s old-school Session lugs, and you have a modern kit worthy of the established name it bears.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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