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The Mali Djembe is a handcrafted djembe drum rooted in West African tradition. This 13" djembe is handcrafted in Mali from a single piece of hardwood and fitted with a goatskin drumhead and rope tuning system for an authentic sound. Tuned by master craftsmen before shipping, this djembe arrives ready to play with a full, resonant tone suited for traditional African rhythms as well as contemporary drum circles and live performances. Its portable size makes it ideal for hobbyists and gigging percussionists looking to add an organic hand drum to their setup.

Hardwood Shell Produces Rich Tone

The Mali Djembe features a hand-carved hardwood shell that resonates with a warm, rich tone. The shell's natural curves and contours fit comfortably against the body, allowing for long playing sessions. At 13" in diameter, it provides a balance of bass, mid and treble tones suited for a variety of musical applications.

Authentic Components for Traditional Sound

A goatskin drumhead and rope tuning system give the Mali Djembe an authentic quality. The drumhead produces a full, rounded tone when struck. Rope threading allows for precise tuning adjustments to suit personal preferences or performance needs. All components are made according to traditional West African specifications for an instrument that looks, feels and sounds genuinely handcrafted.

Ready to Play Out of the Box

Master craftsmen in Mali carefully tune each Mali Djembe before shipping to ensure it is performance-ready upon arrival. There is no need for extensive tuning or adjustments before beginning to play. Drummers can start enjoying this high-quality djembe right out of the box, whether at home, in a drum circle or on stage.

Lifetime Repair Services

Overseas Connection, the creators of the Mali Djembe, offer lifetime repair services to keep each drum sounding its best. For a nominal charge, they will re-head or re-tune the drum, replace damaged or worn parts and address any other issues to return it to like-new playing condition so you can enjoy making music with this handcrafted djembe for years to come.

Overseas Connection Mali Djembe 13 in. Natural

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  • 13" diameter
  • Hand carved hardwood shells
  • Custom-fit rings
  • No-stretch imported rope
  • Fine African goatskin heads
  • Professionally tuned
  • Arrives ready to play
  • Lifetime head warranty