This Travis Barker Signature 5-Piece Shell Pack from OCDP features Travis' regular Blink-182 setup: a 20x22" kick drum with an eye catching, double-wide chrome front hoop, 9 x 12" rack tom, 14" x 16" floor tom, 7" x 14" snare and trademark 6" x 10" side snare. The toms are equipped with Remo USA Smooth White top and Starfire Chrome bottom heads, exactly like Travis uses on tour. To keep the kit well within the means of working drummers, OCDP has molded cherry wood shells that not only provide the cut and presence of acrylic shells, but carry a bit of warmth that makes the kit even more versatile.

In addition to sounding great, this Travis Barker-inspired kit was also designed to look good on stage. Its multi-hollow flake sparkle finish, offset lugs, chrome hardware and unique mirror bass drum resonant head with built-in O's bass drum port give you the look of a kit costing twice the price.
  • 20" x 22" kick drum
  • 12" x 9" mounted tom, 16" x 14" floor tom
  • 14" x 7" snare drum
  • 10" x 6" side snare
  • Tom holders
  • Cherry wood shells
  • Double-wide front bass hoop
  • OCDP signature offset lugs
  • Multi-holoflake sparkle wrap
  • USA Remo heads
  • 6" O's kick drum port

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