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The Orange Amplifiers Dual Dark 100 LTD 100W tube guitar amp head gives you immense high-gain versatility and power in a premium all-valve design. With two master volume channels that provide sparkling cleans, rich overdrive and aggressive distortion, this amp delivers the versatility demanded by the most discerning guitarists. The Dual Dark 100 is Orange's highest gain amplifier to date, offering an unparalleled four stages of gain in each channel for complete tone-shaping flexibility.

Footswitchable Global Attenuator

The Dual Dark 100 features a footswitchable global attenuator that gives you full output stage saturation at whisper-quiet volumes. The attenuator circuit is located after the master volume controls and lets you determine when and how the amp distorts after the preamp stage. You can reduce the overall volume level while maintaining control over the amp's output clipping characteristics. Unlike a load box, Orange's design ensures the all-important relationship between the output transformer and speaker remains intact so your tone stays responsive even at the lowest volumes. Defeat the attenuator with the footswitch for a volume boost when you need to cut through the mix.

Switchable Output Power

The Dual Dark 100 gives you the versatility of swappable output power sections, allowing for more control over the headroom and breakup from the output valves. Reducing the output provides greater output valve clipping and saturation at lower volume levels. You can switch the Dual Dark 100 between 100W, 70W, 50W and 30W to suit the needs of any venue or recording situation.

All-Valve Signal Path

The Dual Dark 100 is an all-valve design, featuring five ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes, one ECC81/12AT7 preamp/phase inverter tube and four EL34 power tubes. You won't find any op-amps or solid-state components in the signal path. The result is the warm, responsive overdrive and natural compression that only power tubes can provide. A valve-buffered effects loop ensures an all-valve signal path from input to output so you can take full advantage of the Dual Dark 100's gain stages when using time-based effects.

Premium Components and Construction

The Dual Dark 100 is built to handle the demands of professional musicians and engineered to work night after night. It uses an 8-section output transformer and a welded steel enclosure housed in an 18mm plywood cabinet. The chassis-mounted controls are securely attached for durability on the road. When you're ready to unleash a world of tone, look no further than the Orange Amplifiers Dual Dark 100 LTD—visit your local Guitar Center today.

Orange Amplifiers Dual Dark 100 LTD 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head White
Orange Amplifiers Dual Dark 100 LTD 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head White
Orange Amplifiers Dual Dark 100 LTD 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head White

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  • All-valve design with five ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Footswitchable global attenuator for full stage saturation
  • Switchable output power with four stages of gain
  • Dual master volume channels for clean, overdrive, and distortion
  • Valve-buffered effects loop for time-based effects

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  • Output power: 100W, 70W, 50W, or 30W
  • Valves: 5 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7, 4 x EL34
  • Speaker output options: 1×16Ω, 1×8Ω or 2×16Ω
  • Front panel controls (right to left): (Channel B) Gain, Shape, Volume | (Channel A) Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble | Attenuator, Full/Half Power Switch
  • Rear panel controls: 4/2 Output Valve Selector Switch
  • Footswitchable attenuator
  • Valve buffered effects loop
  • Dimensions: 55 × 27 × 24 cm (21.65 × 10.63 × 9.45 in)
  • Weight: 24.0 kg (52.0 lb)