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[ Warm Audio ] WA-47 Tube Microphone - "Get On With Mine" by Spencer Crandall & Tasji Bachmanplay button

[ Warm Audio ] WA-47 Tube Microphone - "Get On With Mine" by Spencer Crandall & Tasji Bachman

 Warm Audio ] Elle Sera - Running From The Law - OmniSound Studiosplay button

Warm Audio ] Elle Sera - Running From The Law - OmniSound Studios

[ Warm Audio ] Elle Sera - "Heart Drop" - WA-87 & WA-47 Condenser Microphonesplay button

[ Warm Audio ] Elle Sera - "Heart Drop" - WA-87 & WA-47 Condenser Microphones

Warm Audio

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Designed to capture the warm, vintage acoustics of the original ’47, Warm Audio offers the WA-47 tube condenser microphone, with much greater accessibility. With universal application of studio, home or live use, the versatility of this mic lends itself to any situation without comprising on sound quality. Paying homage to its predecessor, the sonic character of this mic gives a balanced range with the richness you’re looking for, at a value that cannot be beaten.

Custom Reproduction Gives Pristine Sound

The dual-diaphragm, gold-sputtered, large K47-style capsule, is a reproduction of the vintage dual-backplate K47 capsule to bring you that sumptuous, authentic ’47 sonic character. Another critical component of this mic is the 5751 vacuum tube that gives velvety, rich acoustics to truly remind you why the original ’47 was so beloved. To further supply a rounded and smooth sound, is the large-core TAB (AMI) transformer, made in the USA but with German laminations to really deliver the lauded German analog audio sound. Having WIMA, Solen French and polystyrene capacitors throughout, the WA-47 gives a reliable and balanced tone.

Vintage Acoustics With Accessible Features

After extensive research, Warm Audio decide to use a Gotham Audio GAC-7 cable. Learning about how 7-pin cables can reduce phase shift and increase top-end presence, Gotham Audio seemed the logical choice to partner with for their high-end, Swiss-produced cabling to provide the best sonic choice for this condenser mic. There are nine polar patterns: cardioid, omni, figure-8, and six mixed patterns all provide a balanced frequency response for ultimate versatility. With a bright top end and a rich low end, the WA-47 is a compelling option for anyone looking for that classic ‘47 sound.

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  • Custom true '47 capsule reproduction
  • Capsule makeup: Gold-sputtered, dual large diaphragm, single backplate, 6 microns NOS mylar
  • JJ Slovak 5751 vacuum tube
  • Gotham 5 meter GAC-7, 7-pin tube microphone cable
  • Wima, Solen French, and Polystyrene capacitors

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Analog or digital: Analog
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Max SPL: 140 dB
  • Connector: XLR
Pattern and Type
  • Capsule: Condenser
  • Polar pattern: 9 Patterns
  • Type: Mounted
  • Switches: Not Specified
  • Phantom power required: Not Specified
Size and Weight
  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Length: 254mm
  • Weight: 9 lbs
Included Accessories
  • Case: Yes
  • Clip: No
  • Shockmount: Yes
  • Power supply: Yes
  • Cable: Yes
  • Stand: No

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