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The Mogami Gold Series Instrument Cable 25' provides unparalleled audio quality for connecting guitars, basses, keyboards and more. For decades, top recording studios and live sound engineers worldwide have relied on Mogami cables for their vanishingly low noise, minimal signal degradation over long cable runs and consistent high quality. Now offers the same cables used in world-class studios to musicians and engineers everywhere.

Advanced Construction Maximizes Signal Fidelity

Mogami Gold Instrument Cables feature an oxygen-free copper core, ultrahigh density spiral shielding and a carbon-impregnated PVC shield layer to prevent handling noise—ensuring your tone reaches the amplifier or interface intact. The advanced shielding also provides a perfectly silent background, allowing the unique character of your instrument and effects to shine through without interference or buzz.

Roadworthy and Rugged

While Mogami Gold Instrument Cables are engineered for pristine studio sound, they are also designed to withstand the rigors of frequent transport and live performance. The heavy-duty PVC jacket protects the cable from damage without compromising flexibility or adding excess bulk. The cable's flexibility allows for tight bends without kinking, and the high-quality connectors ensure a secure connection and long-term durability.

Unmatched Lifetime Warranty

Mogami Gold Instrument Cables are built to last and come with Mogami's famous no-excuses lifetime warranty. Mogami guarantees all their brand-new cables against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the product. With proper care and handling, a Mogami Gold cable can provide pristine signal transfer for life.

Open Box Mogami Gold Series Instrument Cable Level 1 10 ft.
Open Box Mogami Gold Series Instrument Cable Level 1 10 ft.

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  • Most accurate cable available
  • Widest frequency response
  • Highest cancellation of hum and noise
  • Increases dynamic range
  • Lifetime guarantee