The Laney Digbeth DB-PRE is designed to give you the freedom to take your bass sound with you anywhere you go. Featuring both FET and TUBE signal paths plus incredible tone shaping capabilities, the DB-PRE is loaded with comprehensive ins/outs, allowing it to be your main standalone bass tone as well as part of any existing bass rig. This pedal is ideal for the versatile bass player who wants total control over their sound.
  • Headphones socket
  • Featuring Tilt, a dynamic, powerful SEE SAW EQ control
  • Silent operation switching system
  • Status LED
  • FX loops allow you to put time-based FX after the distorted pre-amp section
  • High quality switching components
  • Preamp section: Dual, FET and Tube
  • EQ: Bass, Lo-mid, Hi-mid, Treble and "Tilt"
  • Controls: FET volume, FET/tube switch, tube drive, tube volume
  • Inputs: 1/4" jack "passive", 1/4" jack "active", 1/8" stereo aux, 1/4" jack FX loop return
  • Ouptuts: 1/4" jack Output, 1/8" phones jack, XLR D.I. (pre/post), 1/4" jack FX loop send, 1/4" jack Link