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The Trio11 Be double monitor was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding sound engineers, specifically engineered for nearfield and midfield applications. Its extreme neutrality, stereo image precision and its ability to reproduce the tiniest details of sound are what make it an excellent solution for even the most discerning engineers. In the same way, the Class G amplification used on the mid-range woofer and the subwoofer offer extremely high SPLs—suitable to the needs of modern music.
Open Box Focal Trio11 Be 10" Powered Studio Monitor (Each) Level 1
Open Box Focal Trio11 Be 10" Powered Studio Monitor (Each) Level 1
Open Box Focal Trio11 Be 10" Powered Studio Monitor (Each) Level 1

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  • Remote FOCUS switchover (three-way monitor or two-way monitor) via control pedal (not included): control the transfer quality of mixes on compact systems quickly and simply
  • Pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter: very low directivity, linearity, dynamics
  • W composite sandwich cone on woofer and subwoofer: neutral sound, no distortion
  • Rotating mid-treble plate: can be positioned horizontally or vertically
  • Bass, mid-bass and treble settings on rear panel: optimum acoustical integration
  • High SPL (118 dB @ 1 m)
  • Optimized decoupling of the midrange speaker driver, thanks to silent blocks
  • Ultra-low distortion and noise

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  • Frequency response
  • 3-way mode: 30Hz–40kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • 2-way mode (Focus): 90Hz–20kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Maximum SPL
  • 3-way mode: 118dBSPL (peak at 1 m)
  • 2-way mode (Focus): 105dBSPL (peak at 1 m)

  • Inputs
  • Type/impedance: Electronically balanced/10 kohms
  • Connectors: XLR
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable, +4dBu to -10dBv
  • Bass
  • 300W, Class G
  • Mid-range
  • 150W, Class G
  • Treble
  • 100W, Class AB
  • Power supply
  • Local supply: 230V (Class-T fuse 1.6A fuse rating), 115V (Class-T fuse 3.5A fuse rating)
  • Wiring: Detachable IEC power cable
  • Real panel indicators and controls
  • Input sensitivity selector (+4dBu/-10dBV)
  • Low frequency shelving (+/- 3dB from 35 to 250Hz)
  • High frequency shelving (+/- 3dB from 4.5 to 40kHz)
  • EQ low-mid frequencies (+/- 3dB at 160Hz, Q factor = 1)
  • FOCUS input/FOCUS output
  • LED
  • LED: Focus mode on, audio clipping and protection indicated by LED on front panel
  • Subwoofer: 10W96701 9.81" Focal driver with W composite sandwich cone
  • Woofer: 5W04702 5.25" Focal driver with W composite sandwich cone
  • Tweeter: TB872 1" Focal pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter
  • Structure: 0.81" and 1.19" panels with internal braces
  • Dimensions including four rubber feet (HxWxD): 25" x 13.56" x 17.75"
  • Weight: 82.2 lb.

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