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MusicNomad's FRINE fret polishing kit is the ultimate fret care system. This innovative kit contains everything you need to properly clean and polish your guitar's frets. MusicNomad's premium fret polish formula and specialized tools are designed to remove built-up dirt and grime and smooth frets—restoring your guitar's tone, playability and value. The FRINE kit is safe for use on most fret materials.

High-Performance Fret Polish Smooths and Protects

After cleaning and conditioning your fretboard, use the FRINE kit's F-Two fret polish to smooth your frets, prevent string snags and protect from corrosion. F-Two's micro-abrasive formula gently polishes your frets to a flawless, mirror-like finish. Your fingertips will glide effortlessly across freshly polished frets and your guitar's tone will open up as the strings ring clearly and freely. F-Two fret polish—the final step to a premium playing experience.

Specialized Applicator Tools Provide Precise Application

The FRINE fret polishing kit includes FRINE fret polish, three stainless steel fretboard guards with an innovative grip handle that contours to all fretboards and a microfiber polishing cloth for the easiest fret cleaning you can get.

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  • FRINE Fret Polish Revolutionary, petroleum free formulation designed to clean and polish all frets safely and quickly 1 Fl oz/30mL
  • Three Stainless Steel Fretboard Guards with an innovative grip handle that contours to all fretboards
  • Microfiber Suede Cloth specially designed to work with FRINE Fret Polish. Machine Washable. 8" x 6"
  • Safe for all metal frets

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