The Morley 20/20 Wah Lock is a switchless, optical wah with three wah modes: Wah, Whoa and Wah Lock. And the 20dB boost is functional in all three Wah modes. Wah is set for standard Wah tone, Whoa is exaggerated Wah tone with gritty vocal–like overtones.

In Wah Lock mode, the foot treadle is bypassed so you can use the Wah as tone filter. The Notch knob dials in the Wah Frequency you want the pedal locked on. Buffer Circuit prevents signal loss and maintains tone. The optical circuitry and switchless design; simply step on pedal to engage Wah and step off to go to bypass.

It features a small footprint at 6.85” L x 4.5” W x 2.75” H. It powers from one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter, and it equipped with MQ2 custom inductor, dual LED Indication, cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door, glow-in the dark treadle grip / toe-end logo and one-year manufacturer warranty.