The Martin S Series SC-13E is one of the most innovative guitars in the company's history. The most striking design feature is the asymmetrical body, which makes the guitar feel more like an electric. It also features a unique neck joint that fits like a traditional dovetail, but clamps down with aluminum and a pair of bolts. The Sure Align system makes it easy to adjust intonation and the angle of the neck to fit your playing style. 

Martin S Series SC-13E Main Features

  • New S body shape with Sitka spruce top and Koa back & sides
  • Sure Align neck system, ebony fingerboard/bridge and low-profile, velocity neck shape
  • Fishman MX-T electronics, soundhole controls and easy-to-read tuner
  • Natural gloss body finish, satin neck finish, open-gear tuners, and bon nut

Martin’s New S body shape

An innovation for Martin Guitars, the asymmetrical S body shape is optimized to be plugged in. The new body shape provides a more balanced output to sound great unplugged and offer more gain before feedback when amplified. The tonewoods on the SC-13E are eye-catching, too. The Koa back and sides and Sitka spruce top have a nice gloss finish.

The New Martin Sure Align Neck System

The Sure Align neck system has several innovations. For one, the neck heel is gone, which gives full access to all 19 frets. Second, the low-profile velocity neck shape ergonomically accommodates the player’s hand. This a guitar one can play all night. 

The Sure Align name refers to the way the neck in bolted to the body. Fully adjustable, there are several points at which a technician can alter the neck angle and relief to suit any playing style. In addition, the Sure Align system also micro adjusts the scale length to accommodate different gauges of strings. Most players will find the factory setting just fine. But it’s nice to know that down the road, the SC-13E can be always adjusted to play perfectly.

Fishman MX-T Electronics

It’s no surprise that Martin Guitars equips the SC-13E with Fishman electronics. They sound great. With discreet controls inside the sound hole, it’s easy to adjust volume and tone. There’s also a super easy-to-read tuner that auto mutes the audio output when engaged. This makes the Martin SC-13E a fantastic guitar for the working musician who needs a great-sounding acoustic they can easily tune and plug in, play all night in comfort, and adjust throughout their long career.

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