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The Marcinkiewicz N6W Tuba Mouthpiece has a narrow rim with a shallow cup depth. It is available with an American or a European shank

Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces are held to the highest quality-control standards. They are made using single-point CNC technology. This ensures that any and all models will be the same, each time, every time. Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces are exceptional and are highly respected in the brass player community and are used by many famous players.

Cup Selection
The standard tuba mouthpieces are arranged in a logical ascending order from deep to shallow and wide to narrow in three different types; N, W, & H. 'N' mouthpieces have a narrow rim, 'W' pieces have a wider rim and 'H' pieces have a smaller inside bite. This arrangement permits players to select a mouthpiece by precise increments of depth to find the correct cup volume required by their musical needs.

Marcinkiewicz N6W Tuba Mouthpiece European Shank