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This high-quality soprano xylophone features handcrafted tone bars to produce a rich, resonant sound perfect for musicians of all skill levels. With its diatonic key layout, the Lyons Xylophone allows budding musicians to explore different keys and develop a strong understanding of pitch. This innovative xylophone, ideal for use in schools, private lessons, and home practice.

Handcrafted Tone Bars Produce Rich, Nuanced Sound

At the heart of the Lyons Xylophone are handcrafted tone bars made of aged wood that have been hand-lathed and hand-tuned. These tone bars generate a warm, resonant sound with beautiful overtones, allowing musicians to develop an ear for subtle tonal nuances. The all-wood construction of the xylophone chamber further enhances the instrument's sonic qualities.

Diatonic Layout Expands Understanding of Pitch

With its diatonic key layout spanning from C5 to A6, the Lyons Xylophone exposes musicians to a range of pitches to build a strong foundation in pitch recognition and development. The layout includes F-sharp, B-flat, and high F-sharp bars that allow for performances in the keys of C, F, and G major. Budding musicians can explore the relationships between notes as they create simple melodies and harmonies.

High-Quality Construction for Lasting Use

Built to withstand frequent use, the Lyons Xylophone features an all-wood chamber, wood tone bars and metal resonators. Its sturdy yet lightweight build makes it ideal for use in schools, private lessons, and home practice. The xylophone includes soft-core wound yarn mallets for an optimal tonal response from the tone bars.

An Accessible, Engaging Instrument for Learners

With its range of just over two octaves, the Lyons Xylophone offers an accessible introduction to music for learners of all ages. Its engaging multi-colored bars help establish a connection between pitch and visual pattern recognition. Budding musicians will delight in creating simple melodies and exploring the instrument's sonic capabilities. The Lyons Xylophone inspires a lifelong appreciation and understanding of music.

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  • Aged moisture controlled wood bars
  • A442 tuning
  • 16-note Stamped Bars C3 to A4 (Bass)
  • 16-note Stamped Bars C4 to A5 (Alto)
  • 16-note Stamped Bars C5 to A6 (Soprano)
  • Additional F# and Bb Bars
  • One-pin mounting
  • All-glue construction
  • Includes soft-core wound yarn mallets