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The LS-308 is a condenser microphone designed specifically for when isolation is needed, but difficult to achieve. This one-of-a-kind, side address condenser microphone records with clear accuracy, sounds like a ribbon and is able to withstand a staggering 135dB of SPL without internal padding. With 270 degrees of off-axis rejection, this large-diaphragm mic confidently captures loud, impactful sounds live without the need to replace toms or re-track guitars due to bleed.
  • Unparalleled off-axis rejection
  • Outstanding performance in untreated rooms
  • 135dB of dynamic range
  • Internally shock mounted condenser element
  • Analog sound shaping with two onboard filters
  • LS-308
  • Flight Case
  • Adjustable Hard Mount
  • Foam Windscreen
Ideal For:
  • Electric guitar
  • Toms
  • Bottom snare
  • Any source where isolation is needed
  • Loud sounds that would destroy a ribbon or classic condenser element

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