LR Baggs

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The LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI and Preamp delivers premium performance for acoustic amplification on stage and in the studio. This studio-quality direct box, preamp and equalizer enhances your acoustic guitar's tone through powerful EQ shaping and an ultra-transparent signal path. The Para DI, a roadworthy solution for full, complex tone from your acoustic pickup.

Powerful 5-Band EQ Tailors Your Tone

The Para DI's 5-band EQ with sweepable mids and notch filter provides +/-12dB of adjustment for crafting your perfect tone. Dial in more bass, roll off the highs, boost the mids or cut resonant frequencies—the tonal possibilities are endless. With a tunable midrange, you can home in on the precise mid frequency you want to adjust for unparalleled tone shaping.

Runs on Battery or Phantom Power for Maximum Versatility

Whether you're gigging at a venue with phantom power or busking on the street, the Para DI has you covered. It runs for over 200 hours on a standard 9V battery and also accepts 48V phantom power for convenient plug-and-play performance. The Para DI's roadworthy build ensures reliable performance in any environment.

Ultra-Transparent Signal Path Preserves Pickup Detail

The Para DI's discrete, Class A FET input and ultrahigh input impedance provide an crystal-clear signal path that captures every nuance of your acoustic pickup's tone. Its adjustable gain control allows you to match levels for any pickup, active or passive and achieve up to +24dB of gain. The Para DI transmits your signal to the mixing board via balanced XLR and 1/4" outputs for pristine, studio-quality sound.

Essential Features for Live Performance

In addition to powerful tone shaping and an ultra-transparent signal path, the Para DI includes essential features for live performance. Its phase inversion switch helps eliminate feedback, while an effects loop allows you to easily integrate pedals. A low cut filter removes excess bass for a tight, controlled tone. With the Para DI, you have everything you need to amplify your acoustic guitar for an audience.

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One year parts and labor warranty. (Self-installation voids warranty.)