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The LP Performer timbale set provides a versatile and affordable solution for adding authentic Afro-Cuban percussion to your setup. With 13" and 14" triple-flange steel shells and chrome-plated hardware, this set cuts through loud bands and stages. The fully height-adjustable stand features sturdy aluminum-braced tripod legs to keep your timbales secure during energetic playing.

Versatile Timbale Sizes for Any Style

The 13" and 14" shells included in this set provide a range of tones to suit any musical style. The smaller 13" shell has a higher, brighter tone that works well for accenting rhythms, while the larger 14" shell produces a warmer, lower tone that lays down a solid groove. With two sizes, you have the flexibility to create complex Afro-Cuban rhythms or simple accents as needed.

Premium Hardware and Accessories Included

This set includes everything you need to start playing right away. The fully height-adjustable chrome stand provides a stable platform for the timbale shells. Sturdy aluminum-braced tripod legs keep the stand firmly in place even during energetic playing. A cowbell, mounting rod, pair of timbale sticks and drum key are also included so you have all the essential gear without needing to make additional purchases.

Durable, Affordable Components

While this set is very affordable, LP did not cut corners on quality. The triple-flange steel shells and chrome-plated hardware are built to withstand years of use. The components in this set provide professional-level sound and projection at a price point suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Perfect for Stage or Studio Use

With its projecting steel shells and sturdy hardware, this set works equally well on stage or in the studio. The timbales cut through loud bands to provide a solid Afro-Cuban rhythm foundation. They also record very well to provide percussion overdubs in a studio environment. This versatile set gives you one percussion solution for all your needs.

LP Performer Timbale Set With Chrome Hardware 13 and 14 in. Steel
LP Performer Timbale Set With Chrome Hardware 13 and 14 in. Steel
LP Performer Timbale Set With Chrome Hardware 13 and 14 in. Steel

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  • 13" and 14" diameter, 6-1/2" deep
  • Triple-flange rims with extruded aluminum lugs and drum key tuning
  • Chrome-plated steel shells
  • Height-adjustable, chrome-plated stand with aluminum-braced tripod legs
  • Includes cowbell, cowbell mounting rod, timbale sticks and a drum key

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Heads - no warranty or guarantee.
Natural wood products - no warranty.
Bags and cases - 90 day warranty.
RhythMix - one year warranty, with the exception of heads.
LP wood or fiberglass shells, timbale shells, stands and hardware, hardware (rims, etc.) - 3 year warranty.
All other products - one year warranty.
Warranty terms vary. Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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