BlueStor HPC Server is a robust server platform designed for HPC clusters that rival the fastest supercomputers for demanding applications such as digital content creation, atmospheric research, fluid dynamics, signal processing (video/audio processing & transcoding) and computer aided engineering.

Equipped with the latest Intel Xeon E5 v3 10-core CPUs and 64GB memory standard, the HPC Server accommodates up to four powerful Kepler-class GPUs to leverage gigaflops of performance per server, or can be deployed as nodes in a high performance computing cluster, interconnected by QDR Infiniband, 10Gb Ethernet or 8/18 Gb Fibre Channel – we’re happy to discuss the options. Using JMR’s renowned and patented PCIe DAS technology, BlueStor™ Extenders, Expanders and other storage arrays can provide up to 96TB per 3U JBOD of very high performance storage.
  • 4U HPC Server
  • Redundant (N+1) Hot Swap Power Supplies
  • Redundant (N+1) Hot Swap, Thermostatically Controlled Cooling Elements
  • Dual Intel Xeon 10-core 3 GHz CPUs standard
  • 64GB DDR3/ECC RAM standard, upgradable to 1000GB
  • Accommodates up to four advanced Quadro/Tesla class Kepler GPUs
  • Blu-ray Optical Disk Drive (Writer)

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