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The IsoAcoustics ISO-155 Studio Monitor Stands elevate your studio monitors to the ideal height for mixing and mastering. Designed by audio engineers, the ISO-155 stands feature a proprietary iso-pad base that decouples the speaker from the stand to reduce distortion and provide a clear, accurate stereo image. The solid steel construction and non-slip pads hold your studio monitors firmly in place during even the most intense recording or mixing sessions. With an impressive weight capacity of 35 pounds per stand, the ISO-155s easily support most professional studio monitors. The height-adjustable poles extend up to 8.25" for optimal positioning. Experience your studio monitors as intended with the IsoAcoustics ISO-155 Studio Monitor Stands.

Iso-Pad Base Decouples Speakers for Pristine Sound

The iso-pad base on each ISO-155 stand uses a patented system to isolate your studio monitors from the stand. This decoupling effect reduces vibration and distortion for truer stereo imaging and a clear, transparent sound. The iso-pads are precision-engineered from a proprietary polymer material to filter out unwanted resonance while still securely supporting your speakers.

Solid Steel Construction Withstands Rigorous Use

Built to handle the demands of professional studios, the ISO-155 stands feature solid steel poles and bases. The all-metal components are durable and long-lasting, holding up to 35 pounds per stand. Non-slip pads on the iso-pad bases and speaker platforms keep your studio monitors firmly in place during recording, mixing and playback.

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  • Patented isolation technology effectively eliminates energy transfer to surrounding surfaces
  • More accurate, satisfying sound, which enhances mixing and listening experience
  • Adjust tilt angle of tweeters for perfect "focus" of sound
  • Easily raise speaker height to ear level
  • 6.1” x 7.5” Short: 3” Tall: 8.25”
  • Max Weight: 35 lb.

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