Innovative Percussion


The Concert Snare Drum Multi-Stick from Innovative Percussion is designed to be used on a host of percussion instruments. The CMS-1 is crafted not only for concert snare drumming but also for use on wood blocks, toms, cymbals, bass drums and more. Made from white hickory, the durable CMS-1 multi-stick offers the ability to play with both ends while maintaining the balanced feel of a regular drumstick. The Taj Mahal style bead provides a nice weight to the front of the stick as well as a great warmth and response. With a latex sleeve on the butt end that lends itself to a variety of percussion instruments, the CMS-1 eliminates the need to constantly switch to a different mallet or beater.
  • White hickory
  • Length: 16 9/16”
  • Diameter: .640”
  • Taj Mahal style bead
  • Latex butt end