Plectra Series 4 from Impact Soundworks is the most realistic and detailed virtual oud instrument ever released. Featuring a custom-made, masterwork Turkish Oud performed by Stelios Varveris and produced by Dimitris Plagiannis, Plectra Series 4 - Turkish Oud contains all crucial articulations, an inspiring UI and a full microtuning engine for authenticity.

    3,860 x 24bit recordings with 2 mics
    All strings chromatically sampled
    4x dynamics / 4x RR per key
    Up and downstrokes
    Sustain, hammer-on, pull-off
    Tremolo, glissando, vibrato
    Major, minor, and fifth chords

      Full control of string, articulation, stroke
      Intelligent voicing + fretting engine
      Microtuning with presets and oriental scales

      • KONTAKT 5.3 (full version - NOT player) required
        Requires 2.5gb disk space
        4gb of RAM recommended