Plectra Series 2 - Highland Harps from Impact Soundworks features a trio of plucked folk instruments from America and Europe with a light, airy tone and deep sampling. Designed for an intimate close-minced sound, this beautiful collection also contains bonus special FX patches along with tonal and atonal percussion.

    Three instruments: lyre, celtic harp and lap harp
    Deep sampled: up to 7x RRs/velocities
    Intimate close-miced sound
    Glissando and glissando beds
    Plucked, bowed, ebowed, hammered and harmonics

      Scripted interface for easy tone control
      Bonus special FX patches
      Tonal and atonal percussion

      • Requires KONTAKT 4 (full version, not player) or higher
        Requires 2.75GB disk space

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