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Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools from Impact Soundworks is a monstrous instrument for any modern composer on the cutting edge. As the flagship virtual instrument for electronic sound design, Juggernaut is built from entirely original, synthesized sounds with a huge array of sources inspired by modern film and game scores, trailers and popular EDM genres. This intuitive and versatile tool allows you to instantly evoke cutting-edge sounds using a wide variety of presets or to easily create your own.

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    600+ unique sound sources
    Modern cinematic FX: impacts, risers, transitions
    Sweeps, drops, reverses and textures
    Deep multisampled synth basses
    Kicks, snares, thips, slams, splashes
    Crashes, percussion and tonal elements
    ALL original content, NO drum machines
    Dozens of preset drum kits
    All drums + FX provided as unlocked WAV

    • 32 channel drum and FX mixer
    FX rack with one-click results
    Mix, match and create custom kits
    Bass synth with 8 FX modules
    Bass sequencer for motion + rhythm
    Easy sound browsing and tweaks
    Adjustable tuning and envelopes
    KONTAKT PLAYER compatible

    • 4.5GB disk space
      KONTAKT or KONTAKT PLAYER version 5.1 or higher
      4GB of RAM recommended
      7200 RPM hard drive drive recommended

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