Ideally, you have a vocal booth in your studio. It’s a comfortable, paneled room with thoughtfully applied acoustic treatment and an overhead boom stand on wheels. Such a setup of course requires a lot of space, materials, a carpenter who knows audio considerations, the boom itself, wiring and much more. Vocal shields can provide a partial fix, but in order to print a dry, crisp, professional vocal sound, you need true isolation from the unwanted reflections most environments inherently possess. The solution is the ISOVOX 2 Mobile Vocal Booth.

Vocal shields traditionally only mitigate rather than eliminate room noise. The ISOVOX 2 Mobile Vocal Booth encloses the vocalist almost entirely, resulting in a virtual elimination of the ugly reflections of rooms that have not been tuned for audio recording. Additionally, vocalists recording at the same time as other instruments can bleed into the mics of the other instruments. The ISOVOX 2 Mobile Vocal Booth cuts the acoustic volume of a vocalist in a room down to negligible levels.

Other design considerations include removable side panels for photo and video considerations, an easy zipper assembly for packing and transporting, and all the connectivity you need for your microphone. It is well-lighted if you need to read lyrics or scripts. and once you get used to it, it really feels like home. It mounts onto any common tripod speaker stand with the included mic pole adaptor system.

With its extended shoulder accommodations and spacious interior, it is truly a one-size-fits-all isolation solution, without the expense and the required square footage of installing a vocal booth into your recording space.
  • Eliminates unwanted rom noise
  • Dramatically reduces bleed to other microphones
  • Excellent for vocal practice
  • Lightweight and easily portable

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