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The ISOVOX 2 Mobile Vocal Booth is a revolutionary portable vocal booth that provides unmatched 360-degree studio acoustics for recording at home. The ISOVOX 2 eliminates unwanted room sound and noise leakage, allowing vocalists and voiceover artists to achieve crisp, dry recordings without disturbing neighbors or roommates. Constructed with multiple layers of sound-blocking materials, the ISOVOX 2 reduces spill by up to -35 dB. The ISOVOX 2 is an innovative solution for professional vocal recordings in even the smallest of home studios.

360-degree XYZ Pro Sound Shielding

The ISOVOX 2 features patented 360-degree XYZ Pro Sound shielding to control sound waves from all directions. This allows vocalists to capture studio-quality recordings with clarity and articulation, free of unwanted room reflections and coloration. The ISOVOX 2 creates an isolated vocal environment impossible to achieve in a typical residential space, previously only found in professional recording studios.

100% Portable and Easy to Assemble

Despite its advanced soundproofing capabilities, the ISOVOX 2 is a completely portable vocal booth. It assembles in minutes using an easy zipper enclosure and includes a flex-on mic holder and mic pole adaptor to attach most standard microphones. When not in use, the ISOVOX 2 folds flat for compact storage, perfect for home studios with limited space.

Spacious and Well-Lit Interior

Although designed for maximum sound isolation, the ISOVOX 2's dome construction provides a spacious interior vocalists will find comfortable for long recording sessions. It includes an interior LED light fixture to properly illuminate the vocalist and any lyric sheets or tablet devices. Removable side panels also allow for video and photo capture.

Additional Features and Specifications

The ISOVOX 2 mounts on any standard floor tripod or speaker stand up to 6'4" in height (stand not included). It measures 31.5" x 19" x 18" and weighs 24 lb. The ISOVOX 2 is suitable for most standard large-diaphragm condenser microphones.

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  • Eliminates unwanted rom noise
  • Dramatically reduces bleed to other microphones
  • Excellent for vocal practice
  • Lightweight and easily portable

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