The new AirBoard Rasta was designed for players of Roots and Dub Reggae styles. With Hohners signature sound, a hot, new tri-color look, striking, padded travel bag and Blowflow mouthpiece, the AirBoard Rasta is designed for a new generation of players who want to express themselves on a unique, stylish-looking instrument. Use your breath control to expressively manage the envelope of the sound and your right hand keyboard technique for chords or soloing.

The AirBoard requires no computer, no cables, and no power source. At its affordable price, anyone can grab an AirBoard and jam anywhere joining ukulele players, guitarists and other acoustic musicians. The AirBoard enables musicians to add a unique look and sound to their performances.

Available in 32 and 37 key models, select from dropdown menu.
  • Easy and fun to play
  • Cool colors
  • Hohner quality
  • Padded gig bag
  • Item name AirBoard Rasta
  • Note range 32=F3-C6, 37=F3-F6
  • Number of keys 32 or 37
  • Power source You!
  • Batteries Not Included or Needed
  • Cables nope
  • Body material Plastic
  • Key material Plastic
  • Mouthpiece BlowFlow Adjustable
  • Gig Bag Padded Gig Bag with Strap

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