Featuring a finely tuned quad-core processor and 4" high-resolution touch display, the HeadRush MX5 is an incredibly easy to use and realistic-sounding guitar FX and amp modeling processor. The 4" touch display enables you to touch, swipe and drag-and-drop to instantly create and edit your perfect tone in an unprecedentedly realistic and intuitive way. For the gigging guitarist, MX5’s radiant high-resolution display has you covered, providing critical feedback exactly where and when, you need it—especially when tweaking tones via the expression pedal in Hands-Free Mode. Everything about the HeadRush MX5 is designed to make it simple, fast and intuitive to jump right in and create your perfect tone in seconds. 

The HeadRush MX5 packs a big punch of tone with an immense library of 46 amplifier models, 15 cabinets with 10 microphone emulations, 300 impulse responses and 63 premium FX. All HeadRush models are flawless simulations of the most sought-after vintage and modern gear with unrivaled accuracy and authentic dynamic response. The HeadRush MX5 includes over 300 precision-captured impulse responses, meticulously crafted in IoSR Studios with some of the most historic guitar cabs inspired by Marshall, Fender, VOX, Orange and more. Plus, with virtually unlimited storage for IRs with 1024 and 2048 sample lengths, MX5’s tone sculpting possibilities are virtually limitless.

The HeadRush MX5 assimilates seamlessly into your current rig with all the connections you need to handle any performance situation. Combining a 1/4" guitar input, two 1/4" TRS outputs switchable between amp or line level, a 1/8"output for headphones, 5-Pin MIDI in/out via two 1/8"-to-MIDI adapters, plus an onboard 1/4" stereo FX loop to integrate external pedals at any point in the signal chain, effortless integration into your existing setup is a snap. The HeadRush MX5 even features a 1/4" TRS input to connect an external expression pedal. The HeadRush MX5 unites your existing equipment while opening up a world of new sonic possibilities.

HeadRush MX5 comes with a power supply.

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