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The Dunlop Groovetech Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool - Second Generation is the only multi-tool built specifically for guitar and bass setups, adjustments and maintenance. Whether you play an American-made or imported guitar, the Groovetech has the necessary components for truss rod adjustments, bridge setups and other common tasks. The Groovetech includes inch and metric hex keys, Phillips and slotted screwdrivers and an accurate ruler, all constructed from hardened S2 material with a chrome finish.

Complete Set of Pro-Quality Hex Keys

The Groovetech includes 4mm, 5mm and 1/16" hex keys for truss rod adjustments, 5/16" socket for Gibson-style truss rods and other common metric and fractional sizes. All keys feature ball-ends for hard-to-reach adjustments and are constructed from hardened S2 material for durability and precision.

Essential Screwdrivers and Ruler

In addition to the hex key set, the Groovetech includes #1 & #2 Phillips screwdrivers, a 2.5mm slotted screwdriver and an accurate ruler with inch and metric measurements. The screwdrivers are ideal for pickup, control plate and other electronic adjustments, while the ruler is useful for measuring neck relief, action and other critical measurements.

Redesigned and Improved

While building upon the success of the original Groovetech, Dunlop designers made significant improvements in the second-generation model. Additions include the 5/16" socket, 5mm hex key and 1/16" hex key, as well as a one-piece body for smooth rotation of all components. The end result is a more comprehensive and ergonomic multi-tool for today's guitar and bass player.

A Must-Have for Every Guitarist and Bassist

Whether you're a touring musician, recording artist, hobbyist or new player, the Groovetech Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool belongs in your gear bag. For quick truss rod adjustments before a gig or a complete guitar setup in your home workshop, the Groovetech has the tools you need to keep your axes in top playing condition. Backed by Dunlop's reputation for quality and innovation, the Groovetech is built to handle any guitar or bass adjustment with precision and ease.

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  • 14 tools in one compact fold-up unit (four metric hex keys, three fractional hex keys, two Phillips screwdrivers, one 2.5 mm slotted screwdriver, one ruler for setting action)
  • Inch and metric sizes for all makes and models of guitars and bass
  • Truss rod size hex wrenches are ball end for easy access
  • Gibson truss rod socket, 5mm and 1/16" hex wrenches, precision ruler
  • Single-piece body for smooth component rotation
  • Professional quality
  • Weight: 5.5 oz.

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