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The GHS Fast-Fret String Cleaner is a high-performance lubricant and cleaner for all stringed instruments. This premium formula lets your fingers glide across the neck and strings with ease while keeping your instrument sparkling clean. The Fast-Fret String Cleaner's convenient applicator makes it easy to apply directly to strings, fretboards and necks, enabling you to play faster and brighter than ever before.

Non-Toxic Formula Extends String Life

The Fast-Fret String Cleaner utilizes a silicone-free formula that is safe for all finishes and strings. By reducing friction and buildup, it helps extend the life of your strings while maintaining their tone and intonation. The cleaner's non-toxic ingredients are safe for the environment and your hands.

Deep Cleans and Conditions Wood

In addition to lubricating strings, the Fast-Fret String Cleaner conditions and nourishes wood fretboards, necks and bridges. Its gentle formula removes built-up grime and residue from playing while moisturizing wood to prevent drying and cracking. Use it regularly to keep your fretboard looking and feeling like new.

Convenient Applicator for Quick Application

The Fast-Fret String Cleaner comes with an applicator sponge soaked in the premium formula, ready to use right out of the package. Simply glide the sponge along your strings, fretboard and neck to apply. The sponge makes it easy to thoroughly coat all parts of your instrument without creating a mess. Reapply as needed to experience the Fast-Fret's lubricating and protective benefits during each playing session.

Trusted Brand Provides Quality Solutions

GHS Strings is a trusted brand that has provided quality strings and accessories for musicians worldwide since 1964. The GHS Fast-Fret String Cleaner, a premium solution designed to keep your instrument sounding and playing its best. Experience the difference this high-performance lubricant and cleaner can make in your tone and technique today.

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