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The Fryette Deliverance Series II D212 cabinet is a closed-back, rear loaded cab with a vertical baffle and features Baltic birch construction to produce a broad dynamic range and exceptional tonal definition. The original Deliverance 212 cabinet was a front mounted design utilizing V-Brace technology, which replaces a traditional post between the baffle and the back of the cabinet. The Deliverance Series II cabinets feature the same baffle design, but the speakers are now rear mounted for a warmer, more old-school flavor. Nothing compares to the sound and feel of a 212 cabinet being driven by a real tube amp, especially the Deliverance Series II Amplifiers. It doesn’t even have to be loud: Deliverance Series II rigs have the ability to run at low to moderate volumes while still producing a full and dynamic playing experience. The Deliverance D212 cabs exclusively feature custom-designed, UK-made Fane F70G drivers to produce a tight yet pleasing omnidirectional low-end that enhances the feel and response of any instrument. Whether you're recording, practicing or playing live, the Deliverance Series II heads and cabs bring out the best in your playing and dynamic expression.
Fryette Deliverance 212 Cabinet with F70G speaker Black
Fryette Deliverance 212 Cabinet with F70G speaker Black
Fryette Deliverance 212 Cabinet with F70G speaker Black

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  • Speakers: Two custom FANE, U.K. made, F70G 12", 70-watt drivers
  • Power Handling: 140W Mono, 8 ohms, 70 WPC Stereo, 16 ohms
  • 2" x 12" cabinet with a V-Brace vertical baffle
  • Mono-Stereo input capability
  • High power handling capacity
  • Rear-mounted design for more old-school flavor
  • Plug-in casters included
  • All Fryette cabinets are made in the USA using the finest Baltic birch plywood available
  • Weight: 64 lb.
  • Dimensions: 29.75" L X 20" H X 14" D

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