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Discover ST6, the new reference monitor standard from Focal


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Focal, the leader in professional studio monitoring, is thrilled to introduce the Twin6 studio monitor. This innovative 2.5-way powered monitor offers unparalleled transparency and precision for discerning engineers and producers. Thanks to Focal's proprietary beryllium inverted tweeter, the Twin6 delivers sparkling high frequencies with wide dispersion, ensuring your mix translates flawlessly to any playback system. The composite "W" woofers provide tight, distortion-free bass down to 45 Hz. With 150W of power for each woofer and 50W for each tweeter, the Twin6 packs a punch.

Beryllium Tweeter Reproduces Highs With Stunning Clarity

The Twin6's beryllium inverted tweeter is a revelation, reproducing high frequencies with jaw-dropping clarity, detail and dispersion. Beryllium's light weight and high rigidity enable the tweeter to respond instantaneously to transients for lifelike realism. An optimized waveguide provides wide horizontal and vertical dispersion so you hear every nuance of your mix.

"W" Composite Woofers Deliver Powerful, Accurate Bass

The Twin6's dual 6.5" "W" composite woofers utilize a laminated wood core sandwiched between layers of fiberglass for maximum rigidity and minimal distortion. With 150W of power, these woofers dig deep to produce tight, punchy bass down to 45 Hz. The woofers' oversized voice coils and magnets ensure high power handling and precise control.

Focus Control Switches Between Full-Range and Separate Modes

The Twin6's Focus control is an innovative feature that allows you to switch the woofers between full-range mode for a wide frequency response or separate woofer/tweeter mode for ultimate precision. In full-range mode, the woofers reproduce the entire frequency spectrum for a simple, all-in-one monitoring solution. In separate mode, the woofers are high-passed at 180 Hz to prevent overlap with the tweeters, resulting in superior imaging and detail.

Flexible Mounting and Connectivity

The Twin6 offers multiple mounting options to suit any studio workspace. Easily attach the monitors to stands, walls or racks using the built-in mounting points. Connecting the Twin6 to your audio interface or mixer is simple thanks to balanced XLR and TRS inputs. A rear-panel control also provides tweeter level adjustment to match the acoustics of your room.

Focal Twin6 ST6 6.5" 2.5-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Each)
Focal Twin6 ST6 6.5" 2.5-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Each)
Focal Twin6 ST6 6.5" 2.5-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Each)

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  • Beryllium inverted dome tweeter provides very low directionality, excellent linearity and dynamics
  • Optimized baffle tweeter for excellent dispersion control
  • Composite sandwich "W"-cone for sound neutrality, no distortion
  • Focus mode: two monitors in one; 2-way monitor and 1-way full-range monitor (woofer alone)
  • Large laminar port ensures no port noises or distortion
  • Automatic disengageable standby mode
  • Settings: activatable/deactivatable, LF shelving, HF shelving, LPF @ 160Hz

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  • Frequency response (@ –3dB): 45Hz–40kHz
  • Low cut-off frequency (@ –6dB): 40Hz
  • Focus mode: 110Hz–10kHz
  • Maximum SPL (average CEA2034 50–10kHz free field @ 1 m): 112dB
  • Focus mode (average CEA2034 100–10kHz free field @ 1 m): 111.5dB
  • Input: Balanced XLR 10 kohms
  • Bass amplifier stage: 2 x 70W RMS
  • Treble amplifier stage: 50W RMS
  • Nominal power supply: ~100–120 VAC/220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
  • User controls: Sensitivity, stand-by, Left/Right, HPF, LF Shelf, LMF EQ, HF Shelf
  • Fuses: ~100–120V, T3.15AL/250V ~220–240V, T1.6AL/250V
  • Bass: 2 x 6.5" “W” cone
  • Treble: 1.5" (38 mm) beryllium
  • Shielding: No
  • Construction: 7/8" MDF
  • Finish: Dark red natural veneer side panels, black body
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 10-1/8 x 20-1/4 x 13-1/2"
  • Weight: 48.5 lb.
  • Temperature range: During use: 5–35° C in storage: 0–50° C

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