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The EVH 5150 III 50W tube head delivers the muscular tone and attitude that hard rock and metal guitarists crave. Sporting an all-black stealth chassis, this amp is built around two 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6 power amp tubes, harnessing 50W of tube power for everything from dynamic cleans to face melting overdrive. With overdrive, bass, mid and treble controls you can achieve the perfect blend of distortion and EQ to cut through any mix.

Flexible Tone-Shaping Controls Provide a Myriad of Distorted Sounds

The 5150 III 50W tube head gives you complete control over your distorted tones with overdrive, bass, midrange and treble controls that go from subtle enhancement to amp-rattling extremes. Roll back the overdrive for a crisp, dynamic rhythm sound or crank it up for a blistering lead tone. The bass, midrange and treble controls allow you to shape the distortion to your exact needs. Cut the mids for a scooped metal tone, boost the treble for extra cut and sizzle or turn up the bass for thunderous bottom end.

Footswitchable Channels Offer Three Distinct Flavors of Tone

This tube head features three footswitches, with the first two channels sharing a 3-band EQ with separate stacked gain and volume control section and channel three having a completely independent EQ gain and volume. Set channel one for clean, channel two for overdrive and channel 3 for high gain and watch the sparks fly. With 50W of all-tube power, this amp delivers more than enough volume and headroom for any gig.

Classic Styling and Premium Components Provide Road-Worthy Durability

Sporting a stealth black vinyl covering and black control knobs, the 5150 III 50W tube head has a sinister and road-ready look that matches its tone. Premium components like rugged steel chassis construction and heavy-duty transformers provide rock-solid reliability for life on the road.

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  • 50-watt head
  • Three channels
  • Channels one and two have independent dual concentric gain/volume controls
  • Channel three has independent gain, volume and EQ (low, mid and high) controls
  • Global presence and resonance controls for all three channels
  • Selectable impedance (4, 8 or 16 ohms)
  • Adjustable bias control
  • Seven JJ ECC83 preamp tubes and two Shuguang 6L6 power tubes
  • Dual parallel speaker output jacks, effects loop, headphone jack, line out and MIDI input
  • Four-button footswitch with 1/4" input jack
  • Available in black textured vinyl featuring a dual black EVH-striped steel grille front panel
  • High-quality fitted cover is optional