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EFNOTE 5 Electronic drums deep dive w/ Michael Bedardplay button

EFNOTE 5 Electronic drums deep dive w/ Michael Bedard

EFNOTE How To: Analog Output Routing (2ch and 4ch)play button

EFNOTE How To: Analog Output Routing (2ch and 4ch)

EFNOTE How To: Quick mix, post-plug and play recordingplay button

EFNOTE How To: Quick mix, post-plug and play recording

EFNOTE How To: LAYERINGplay button


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Experience a new dimension in electronic drums with the EFNOTE 5. Featuring 6-layer birch shells and high-definition drum sounds, this innovative set provides an unparalleled playing experience for drummers seeking acoustic feel and professional tone. The EFNOTE 5 module houses 98 factory sounds with adjustable tuning, damping and EQ, as well as a virtual mixer, metronome and Bluetooth streaming. The sounds are all editable, with 128 user memories available for your own creations. With multi-trigger pads, mesh heads and sturdy hardware, this electronic kit looks, plays and sounds like the real thing.

Unmatched Acoustic Emulation

The EFNOTE 5's 6-layer birch shells and mesh heads give an authentic acoustic playing feel. Multi-trigger snare, tom and floor tom pads ensure precise, sensitive response for natural rebound and articulation. Additionally, the snare has a third playing surface–this allows for accurate separation between cross stick and rim shot.These premium components let you express yourself as dynamically as you would on an acoustic kit.

Stunning Sound Quality

The EFNOTE 5 module features high-definition drum sounds with unparalleled realism. Elaborately crafted multi-layer samples result in wide dynamic range for each of the 98 factory sounds. Tune, dampen and EQ sounds to suit your preferences using the touchscreen interface. Route individual sounds to outputs, adjust volumes with the virtual mixer and save custom kits to 128 user memories. Bluetooth streaming, a metronome and rhythm trainer expand your creative possibilities.

ELISE Sensing Processor—a Cutting-Edge Technology

The EFNOTE 5 electronic drum kit features the proprietary ELISE Sensing Processor, an advanced technology designed to capture every detail of your performance with precision. This system ensures low latency and a wide dynamic range, providing consistent and stable sensing across all drum and cymbal pads. The ELISE Sensing Processor optimizes performance across EFNOTE's multi-sensor pads, including the 7-sensor snare drum and multi-sensor toms, all engineered to deliver hotspotless, high-resolution sound. Additionally, the cymbals feature a multi-sensor 360° play/choke area, allowing for a seamless and highly responsive playing experience that accurately translates the nuances of each performance.

Professional Performance and Practice

This electronic drum set suits both live performance and private practice. The EFNOTE 5 module has Analog 4-ch audio outputs, USB audio interface and headphone jack. Capture studio-quality recordings by connecting directly to your computer or mixing board. The metronome and rhythm trainer help you build speed, precision and independence. Play along to songs and backing tracks streamed via Bluetooth. Whatever your needs, the EFNOTE 5 delivers professional tone and capabilities.

Premium Design and Construction

From the sturdy hardware and module housing to the high-quality birch shells and mesh heads, the EFNOTE 5 is built to withstand intensive practice and performance. All components are thoughtfully designed for simple, intuitive use, allowing drummers at any skill level to explore a new world of acoustic-emulating electronic percussion. Experience the next evolution in e-drums with the power and realism of the EFNOTE 5.

EFNOTE 5 Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set White Sparkle
EFNOTE 5 Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set White Sparkle
EFNOTE 5 Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set White Sparkle

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  • 98 factory sounds, 128 user memories for custom kits
  • 6-layer birch shells, mesh heads, 3-zone snare/tom pads for realistic feel
  • Built-in Bluetooth, USB interface, metronome and rhythm trainer
  • Two analog outs, touchscreen module with editing and routing

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E-Drum Set Features
  • Shell: 6-ply birch wood
  • Drum module: Aluminum housing with touch screen
  • Sounds: 98 Multilayer sounds
  • Preset kits: 17
  • User kits: 83
  • Recording user songs: 15
  • Metronome: Included
  • USB audio interface: Integrated (8 out/2 in)
  • Bluetooth: For audio in and MIDI
  • MIDI out: Yes
Set Configuration
  • Bass drum pad: 16x12"
  • Three-zone snare pad: 12x5"
  • Two-zone tom pad: 10x7"
  • Two-zone floor tom pad: 12x12"
  • Two-zone splash pad: 8"
  • Two-zone hi-hat pad with controller: 14"
  • Three-zone crash pad with stop function: 16"
  • Three-zone ride pad with stop function: 18"
Included Components
  • Sound Module: 1x
  • Snare: 1x
  • Tom: 1x
  • Floor Tom: 1x
  • Kick: 1x
  • Hi-Hat: 1x
  • Splash Cymbal: 1x
  • Crash Cymbal: 1x
  • Ride Cymbal: 1x
  • Brake-Out Cables: 2x
  • Trigger Cables: 5x
  • Splash Cymbal Mount: 1x
  • Cymbal Stands: 2x
  • Snare Drum Stand: 1x
  • *Kick pedal and hi-hat stand sold separately*

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