The Dream Dark Matter hi-hat cymbals feature an unlathed bottom side coupled with a double-tempered top side resulting in dry, fat, angry and articulate hats that can cut through anything. When played open, these hi-hats explode beautifully and then disappear into the mist just as quickly.

Dream created the Dark Matter series from their unrelenting need to explore new sounds. Dark Matter is crafted from a proprietary process where the cymbals are fired repeatedly. The extreme stresses from this action create changes to the cymbals on a molecular level, taking months of aging to mature and evolve. These cymbals continue to grow as they are broken in and played upon, becoming part of the player’s unique musical voice. This series is unique to Dream, born of free experimentation and then carefully honed over years of development. The unique charred finish matches the fiery sound of these special cymbals. Part explosion, part afterburner—all Dark Matter.

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