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Summon the essence of earth with Earth Overdrive. Tune your guitar down a little? Even better. The Mach II version Earth rubs some dirt on any tone you send at it. With Stone set to its lowest, you'll get some gentle compression, and when you get Stoned to the bone, things get dirty, yet still clean enough for crisp chords.

As with all pedals, your guitar and amp will make a big difference. Each pedal is polished, hammer-textured, engraved, assembled and everything else by hand in Oxford, OH. Because these are hand built, each one has its (visual) idiosyncrasies and polishing sometimes emphasizes these. The metal is out there in the elements, and thus will be susceptible to battle scars and the stories they entail.

The Earth Drive has a huge range of boost control with its volume knob, while the stone knob helps you perfectly dial in gain.

Many overdrive pedals focus on middle frequencies, in some cases not even touching the lower frequencies. While this is great for some, with the Earth Overdrive, Dogman Devices' creator wanted to create a dirt pedal could be uses with any tuning and fit in with whatever style of music you play. With all the frequencies inside the pedal, the tonal adjustments are truly left to the instrument and amplifier. Earth lays the foundation, but the final tone remains in the hands of you, the musician — whether you are making folk music or doom metal.

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  • The Earth Drive has a huge range of boost control with its volume knob, while the tone knob helps you perfectly dial in the treble response. Whether you play bass, pedal-steel, electric piano, electric guitar, organ, whatever, the Earth Drive is quite possibly the most useful and versatile drive pedal you've ever heard. 

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