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The legendary Diezel VH4 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head has set the standard for high-gain tone since 1994. This flagship amp from Diezel Amplification was meticulously engineered to deliver the ultimate in sonic flexibility and authority for the discerning hard rock guitarist. With four completely independent channels ranging from pristine cleans to face-melting leads, the VH4 leaves no stone unturned in its quest for the perfect rock tone.

Four Channels Provide Unlimited Tonal Range

At the heart of the VH4's versatile performance are four channels—Clean, Crunch, Mega and Lead—each with dedicated gain, EQ and master volume controls. The Clean channel produces Diezel's signature sparkling chime at lower gain settings and vintage cleans at higher levels. The Crunch channel delivers classic rock rhythm and leads in spades. The high-gain Mega and Lead channels are where the VH4's metal pedigree truly comes to the fore, with everything from chunky rhythms to searing solos on tap.

Advanced Features for the Modern Guitarist

To complement its formidable preamp, the VH4 features a 100-watt power amp driven by four KT77 power tubes, as well as series and parallel effects loops for maximum tonal flexibility. The amp also provides MIDI switching to facilitate integration into complex rigs. A global presence control centered at 4 kHz and a "Deep" control—an active bass EQ centered at 90 Hz—allow for further sculpting of the VH4's impressive sonic palette.

Roadworthy and Built to Last

Housed in a steel chassis with aluminum faceplate, the VH4 is as durable as the tones it produces. To ensure many years of flawless performance, each power tube features an independent fuse and fault indicator light. Should a tube fail, the fuse will disengauge that tube to allow continued operation until service can be performed. After over 25 years of tone-chasing, the legendary VH4 stands alone as an icon of rock guitar amplification.

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  • Maximum wattage: 76W“100W; 100W
  • Tube or solid state: Tube/valve
  • Type: Head
  • Number of preamp tubes: Info not available
  • Preamp tube type: Info not available
  • Number of power tubes: 4
  • Power tube type: KT77
  • Power attenuation: No
  • Impedance: 4, 8, 16 ohms
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Footswitchable: Yes
  • Number of inputs: 1
  • Number of modes:
  • Channel 1: 3-band EQ; Volume; Gain
  • Channel 2: 3-band EQ; Volume; Gain
  • Channel 3: 3-band EQ; Volume; Gain
  • Channel 4: 3-band EQ; Volume; Gain
  • Master volume: Yes
  • Mid-shift: No
  • Depth: Yes
  • Resonance: No
  • Presence: Yes
  • Bright: Yes
  • Contour: No
  • Reverb: No
  • Voicing control: No
  • Boost: No
  • Other:
  • MIDI control: Yes
  • Footswitch included: No
  • Effects loop: Yes
  • Footswitchable: Yes
  • Reverb: No
  • Tremolo: No
  • Delay: No
  • Echo: No
  • Flanger: No
  • Phaser: No
  • Modulation: No
  • Chorus: No
  • Other:
Misc. Features
  • External speaker output: Yes
  • Headphone output: No
  • Direct output: No
  • AUX input: No
  • USB connectivity: No
  • Built-in tuner: No
  • Mute: Yes
  • Width: 29 in.
  • Height: 12 in.
  • Depth: 11 in.
  • Weight: 47 lbs.
  • Country of origin: Germany