The Osmo Action 4K Camera is ready to capture your cool moves, daring feats and unique style with reliable stabilization technology. That means you can motocross, skateboard, hike or go off-road and still get smooth, rocksteady video that’s perfect for uploading to social channels. Your footage will always look professional too, thanks to HDR video which adds more dynamic detail than ever before. No matter how hot the action gets, the dual screen Osmo Action Camera always gets crystal clear details with a framerate of 60fps at 100Mbps. And when you’re done shooting your awesome footage, the waterproof Osmo camera also includes diverse features like slow motion, timelapse and custom exposure settings to ensure you get the most out of every single shot. So go big. Get intense. The Action 4K Camera can more than keep up.

Osmo Action 4K Camera Main Features

  • Dual screens
  • Smooth, stabilization technology
  • 4K HDR video
  • Diverse post-production features

Stay Behind the Camera or Be the Star

Whether you like to keep a low profile in your videos or want to be front and center, the Osmo Action Camera can do both. A vivid front screen makes it easy to keep yourself in frame, while a crystal-clear back screen lets you get up close with a subject or record the breathtaking scenery in front of you.

Rocksteady Video on Rough Terrain

You’ll be amazed at the shake-free, stable footage provided by the Osmo 4K Camera. From snowboarding to motorbiking through forest trails, the Action Camera’s stabilization technology creates stunningly smooth video for any excursion or adventure.

Vivid Colors and Clear Video

With its stellar 4K HDR resolution, the Osmo Action Camera dramatically enhances the clarity of your footage. Revealing luscious details in both light and dark areas, the Action Camera delivers natural transitions between the two. 60fps at 100Mbps ensure that the Osmo Camera always keeps up, even during the most intense and heart-pounding activities.

Customize Videos for a Fresh Look

The Osmo 4K Action Camera features a handful of useful customization options to make your videos stand out even more. Highlight epic moves in stunning detail with 8x Slow Motion, compress long footage with the Timelapse feature or even set up times shots with a Timed Shooting Mode. Along with Custom Exposure Settings to adjust for nighttime shooting or environmental conditions, the Osmo Action Camera gives you all the tools to show off your skills.

From skydiving and hang gliding to BMX, skateboarding and snowboarding, the waterproof Osmo 4K Action Camera is the perfect adventure sidekick. With an extremely fast operating system, streamlined UI and easily accessible controls for flexible operation, the Osmo camera is always ready for action.

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