D'Addario XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings are engineered to deliver long-lasting tone and feel. With superior break resistance and tuning stability, they extend time between necessary string changes. Combining D'Addario's high-tensile NY Steel cores and newly developed, ultrathin coatings with a proprietary ball-end winding called Fusion-Twist, guitarists will have better tone that lasts between string changes. Guitar Center feels that XS Phophor Bronze strings are a great choice for players who want the crisp snap of phosphor bronze in a string that lasts far beyond untreated strings.

GC Feature bullets

  • Ultra-thin polymer coating on wound strings resists dirt and moisture
  • Polymer treatment of plain strings for serious corrosion resistance
  • Fusion-Twist ball-end construction for increased break resistance and tuning stability
  • D'Addario's high-tensile NY Steel cores for strength and tone

Virtually Undetectable Coating

The coating used on XS Phosphor Bronze wound strings is extraordinarily thin—10x thinner than a human hair. It's applied in a heated, inert atmosphere for an amazingly strong and impenetrable bond that keeps dirt and moisture from sticking to the winding or penetrating to the string core. It also has an incredibly smooth feel for easy playing with reduced finger noise.

Longer-Lasting Plain Strings

D'Addario didn't ignore the plain strings, either. They have a unique polymer treatment that offers serious protection from corrosion, keeping their tone and smooth feel lasting as long as that of the wound strings in the set.

A More Stable Foundation

XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings have another key feature which addresses one of the most common areas of string breakage—the ball-end. D'Addario developed a new proprietary ball-end winding they call Fusion-Twist. This unique approach is not only a large increase in resistance to breakage, but substantially increases tuning stability.

Superior Material

At the core of these strings is the high-tensile NY Steel that was first used by D'Addario in the popular NYXL strings. This material delivers great tone and serious strength, helping make the XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings a new standard for coated strings.

Longer Life for Better Value

With the combination of all these factors, any acoustic guitarist who seeks strings that will continue to deliver great performance under any playing conditions should be moving D'Addario XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings to the top of their shopping list.