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Masters in the Moment: Aniello Desiderio | D'Addario Classical Guitar Stringsplay button

Masters in the Moment: Aniello Desiderio | D'Addario Classical Guitar Strings


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Rooted in generations of string-making mastery, the D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arté Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings set delivers the archetypal classical guitar tone that has come to define the genre. The bass strings feature a multifilament nylon core wound with silver-plated copper, producing rich, resonant lows and a balanced tension. Coupled with clear nylon treble strings for sweet, mellow highs, the Pro-Arté set gives players an exceptionally warm and consistent response throughout the fretboard.

Normal Tension for Dynamic Playability

D'Addario's best-selling tension, the Normal Tension set offers a comfortable feel and projection ideal for solo or ensemble playing. The lighter gauge—28, 32, and 40 for the bass and 29, 35, 43 for the treble—facilitates intricate fingerpicking and dynamic strumming techniques with ease.

Pure, resonance-enhancing Materials

The Pro-Arté strings are constructed using only the finest quality materials to maximize tone and longevity. The multifilament nylon bass strings and monofilament nylon treble strings provide a clear, resonant sound with subtle overtones. Silver-plated copper windings add warmth and punch to the lower register. These durable materials keep the strings fresh and in tune through hours of playing.

Trusted by Top Players

D'Addario is the world's largest string manufacturer, and their Pro-Arté line is trusted by countless professional classical guitarists for its unmatched quality and tone. The EJ45 set delivers the tone, feel and projection that has defined the classical guitar sound for generations. The D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte are the perfect choice for musicians seeking authentic nylon-string tone.

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