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The D'Addario A310 Ascenté Violin String Set Size 1/8 Medium is engineered to help violinists take their craft to the next level. These medium-tension synthetic core strings provide a warm, wide range of tones with outstanding pitch stability and longevity. Packaged in uniquely designed, sealed pouches for unmatched protection from corrosion and featuring a short break-in time and stellar bow response, the Ascenté violin strings provide a sophisticated tonal palette to elevate any violinist's performance.

Synthetic Core Produces Rich, Nuanced Tones

The Ascenté violin string set features a synthetic core that produces a warm, resonant tone with subtle overtones. The aluminum-wound A string and monel-wound D and G strings provide a wide tonal range for expressive playing. With a clear, focused sound, these medium-tension strings allow advancing violinists to showcase their technical skill and musicality.

Outstanding Pitch Stability and Longevity

Built to rigorous quality standards, the Ascenté violin strings maintain pitch for an extended period of time. The synthetic core and precision winding techniques provide consistent, stable intonation over the life of the strings. Violinists can rely on these strings to stay in tune through long practice sessions, rehearsals and performances.

Short Break-In Time and Responsive

The Ascenté violin strings settle into tune quickly, with a short break-in time of just a few hours. The medium tension and synthetic core produce a string that is responsive to a violinist's bowing technique. Subtle dynamic and tonal changes are conveyed with clarity, allowing for expressive, nuanced playing.

Unmatched Protection and Convenience

Individually packaged in uniquely designed, sealed pouches, the Ascenté violin strings are shielded from environmental damage that can cause premature corrosion. The pouches provide an airtight, humidity-controlled environment until the strings are ready to be installed. This innovative packaging, combined with the strings' longevity, offers violinists unmatched convenience and value.

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