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This bundle includes the Privia PX-S5000 digital piano, CS68 matching wooden stand and SP-34 triple pedal. The PX-S5000 combines the award-winning and impossibly slim Privia PX-S design with Casio's new Smart Scaled Hammer Action keys, delivering a new level of playability in a compact yet elegant instrument.

Place your hands on the PX-S5000 and it immediately transcends its size. The Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keys come alive at your fingertips, delivering the dynamic and natural response you'd expect from a well-regulated concert grand. Keys with spruce sides and subtly textured surfaces deliver a familiar and confidence-inspiring piano look and feel, and ensure a natural performance by replicating the hammer behavior of each of the 88 individual piano keys. A new counterweight system and increased damping also contribute to making these some of the most dynamic, quiet and rewarding keys you'll ever play.

The PX-S5000 is designed to be a source of inspiration that fits perfectly into your life. Its sleek design evokes a luxurious concert grand piano, in a beautiful case that’s barely larger than the keys themselves.

Player-centric Features

The PX-S5000’s Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source delivers an incredible piano experience, highlighted by a gorgeous German concert grand. String resonance, damper resonance and mechanical sounds heighten the realism as you play. A total of 23 essential Tones are included, featuring electric pianos, organs and more.

The illuminated touch sensor controls are easy to see and use in any light. They add elegance while eliminating moving parts, creating a seamless and beautiful top panel. The controls vanish when the PX-S5000 is powered off, leaving a sleek, clean, piano-like finish.

Fine-tune Your Sonic Ambience

The stereo speaker system delivers crystal-clear sound towards both the player and the audience, with improved drivers creating accurate high- and low-end response throughout their impressive volume range. Four types of Hall Simulation place your PX-S5000 in the virtual concert space of your dreams, and our unique Surround mode places you right in the center of your music. Two headphone jacks allow quiet play at any time.

You can make the PX-S5000 an even more beautiful part of your home with the optional wooden CS-68P stand, which places the PX-S5000 at a perfect playing height. Add the optional SP-34 three-pedal unit for even greater authenticity, with rubber feet that cling confidently to any surface.

Make a Connection

Easily connect to amplifiers, mixers and PA systems using the 1/4" outputs. The included WU-BT10 Bluetooth Audio and MIDI adapter lets you connect to a whole world of MIDI software, and allows you to stream your favorite music through the built-in speakers. Connect wirelessly to the Casio Music Space app to take full advantage of your PX-S5000, display PDF scores, learn MIDI songs and much more.

Capture your ideas with the built-in MIDI recorder, and when not using the included WU-BT10 Bluetooth adapter, you can connect a drive to the USB-A port to record and play back MIDI songs and WAV audio.

SP-34 Three-pedal Unit

Casio's SP-34 is a portable three-pedal unit for PX-S and CDP-S digital pianos. It provides all the pedal functionality of a traditional grand piano, including half-damper capability, in a portable design with non-slip rubber feet that cling to any surface.

Casio Privia PX-S5000 Digital Piano With CS68 Wooden Stand and SP-34 Triple Pedal Black
Casio Privia PX-S5000 Digital Piano With CS68 Wooden Stand and SP-34 Triple Pedal Black
Casio Privia PX-S5000 Digital Piano With CS68 Wooden Stand and SP-34 Triple Pedal Black

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  • 88-key digital piano featuring Casio's Smart Scaled Hammer Action keys
  • Spruce sides and subtly textured keys lend a sophisticated playing feel
  • Counterweight system an increased damping for dynamic, quiet keys
  • Multi-Dimensional Morphine AiR Sound Source provides a realistic piano experience
  • 23 Tones, including electric pianos, organs and more
  • Illuminated touch sensor makes it easy to navigate in any performance environment
  • Stereo speaker system with improved drivers and impressive frequency response and range
  • Four types of Hall Simulation for a customizable sonic experience
  • Two headphone jacks for quiet practice
  • Easily connects to amplifiers, mixers and PA systems
  • Bluetooth enabled for seamless streaming
  • Included MIDI adapter allows for endless performance and recording possibilities
  • USB-A port for MIDI and WAV recording and playback
  • Includes matching wooden stand and SP-34 triple pedal
  • Three-pedal unit
  • 3-pedal board with sustain, soft and sostenuto
  • Designed for Privia digital pianos
  • Extended-damper function simulates the response of a half-pressed pedal

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  • Keys: 88
  • Key type: Smart scaled hammer action
  • Tones: 23
  • Engine: Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
  • Touch sensor: Illuminated
  • Hall simulations: 4
  • Speaker system: Stereo
  • Headphone jacks: 2
  • Outputs: 1/4"
  • Bluetooth: Yess
  • MIDI adapter: Included
  • USB-A port: Yes
  • App compatibility: Casio Music Space

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One year parts and labor warranty on all keyboards (includes power supply).

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