D-Fi XLR TX transforms conventionally wired DMX set-ups into wireless ones.This battery powered wireless D-Fi transmitter fits in the palm of your hand and provides instant wireless communication between similar fixtures.

The unit plugs directly into a light’s XLR port to wirelessly transmit DMX and master/slave signals. D-Fi XLR TX is charged directly from the light’s XLR contact pins so external power supply is needed.

  • Convenient LED indicators visually show wireless channel operation
  • D-Fi XLR TX is FCC/RTTE compliant
  • D-Fi XLR TX is FCC/RTTE compliant.
All DMX products - 2 year limited warranty.
Special Effects controllers and fixtures - 1 year limited warranty.
"NV" products - 3 months limited warranty.
(All warranties are in effective from date of purchase.) No warranty on lamps, laser diodes, fuses, brushes, and belts.

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