The American Professional II Jazzmaster takes the classic Fender look and jazzes it up even more. The popular deep “C” neck design now features smooth rolled fingerboard edges, a satin finish and a newly sculpted neck heel for a supremely comfortable feel along the entire fretboard. New V-Mod II Jazzmaster single-coil pickups are more articulate than ever and include a tap function that allows both a powerful, throaty sound as well as a traditional lower-output sound. The Jazzmaster American Professional II also features a new Panorama tremolo system with a pop-in tremolo arm that dramatically increases the range of vibrato available, allowing for deep, Strat-style dives, I addition to the classic Jazzmaster warble.

The updated American Pro II Jazzmaster electric guitar captures the instantly familiar Fender sound yet offers a broad range of improvements that you’ll feel and hear right away. Also included is a deluxe molded case for easy transport and storage of your instrument between sessions.

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