Black Label


Ships by freight truck, continental US only. Select style to indicate delivery with lift gate or loading dock. Professional grade general-purpose fog fluid Ideal for enhancing a variety of house lighting effects without creating white out conditions. Moderate hang time. For medium facilities, venues, and attractions. Glycerin free. Black Label professional fog fluids are specifically formulated for large venues and studio lighting applications. Black Label fluids ensure your light shows are consistently bold, vibrant and impactful. Each formula is tailored to support specific lighting effects regarding transparency, hang time, dispersion and dissipation characteristics. These formulas use certified US Pharmacopeial-grade active ingredients for superb purity, consistency and reliability, and are glycerin-free. Whether you’re producing a dense wall of fog, sharp ray-tracing patterns or vibrant bursts of steam, Black Label has you covered.

  • Formulated for optimal performance

  • Ideal for large venues, stage and film productions, bands and haunted houses
  • Created from U.S. Pharmacopeial-grade virgin raw ingredients for consistency and reliability
  • Made in the USA to ISO 9001 standards; 100% traceable
  • Glycerin-free formulas extend life of fog machines
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • 55 gal. containers available with Lift Gate or Loading Dock delivery options
  • Color / Transparency: 3
  • Hang Time: 3
  • Dispersion: 4
  • Dissipation: 4
  • Locations: Indoor / Medium and Large Venue
  • Machine Compatibility: 400W+ Water Based Fog Machine

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