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Synth-Werk is an inspiring virtual instrument that is loaded with a wide array of sounds for electronic music production. Inside Synth-Werk you’ll find a collection of 1,300 electronic sounds including synthesizers, chords, pads, bass and more. There’s also 1,500 electronic drums, FX and rhythm sounds that will build a solid foundation for your production.
  • DMS - Digital Modular System
  • Flexible routing of all modules und effects
  • Extreme fast Sound-Loading, average access and loading of a new instruments with all its parameters and effects in less than a second
  • Direct stepping through the soundpool
  • Analog reproduction of digital sounds
  • Solo-Mode, Legato Mode, Portamento und Samplestart shifting
  • Multi Mode Filter / Resonator
  • QuickEditPage: Green english SYNTH-WERK interface with instant access to all important parameters
  • ProEdit Page: Offers every possible parameter, FX-Rack with 46 effects, Convolution Reverb etc.
  • Infinite polyfony*
  • Infinite number of modulators*
  • Infinite number of effects*
  • Extrem flexible Arpeggiator including MIDI-file player
  • Step and Modular Sequencer
  • Library size 8GB
  • * depending from CPU performance

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