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BOSS is proud to offer the PSA-120S2 AC Power Adapter, the dedicated power supply for their lineup of innovative compact pedals, multi-effects, drum machines, metronomes and tuners. The PSA-120S2 provides clean, regulated 9.6V DC power with 500mA of current, specially designed to fuel BOSS devices for optimal sonic performance. Its 10' cable gives players ample room to position their pedalboard, while the redesigned plug won't block adjacent power outlets. An LED indicator allows for quick visual confirmation that your PSA-120S2 is providing power as needed. For guitarists and bassists seeking a dependable power source that keeps their BOSS effects running strong through every rehearsal, studio session and show, the PSA-120S2 is essential gear.

Provides Stable Power for High-Tech Pedals

The PSA-120S2 delivers 9.6V DC power at 500mA, ideal for powering BOSS's lineup of innovative compact pedals, multi-effects and other devices. Its regulated output helps ensure clean, consistent power that won't introduce unwanted noise, even when multiple digital pedals are daisy-chained together. For guitarists using high-tech overdrives, delays, loopers and other effects that require robust, reliable power, the PSA-120S2 is a must-have accessory.

10-Foot Cable Offers Flexibility

The PSA-120S2 features a 10' power cable, giving musicians ample length to position their pedalboard wherever needed. Whether you have a complex pedalboard setup on a large stage or just a couple of essential stompboxes in a small studio, the PSA-120S2's lengthy cable provides the flexibility and freedom to power your BOSS devices wherever you want them.

Redesigned Plug and LED Indicator

BOSS redesigned the PSA-120S2's plug so that it no longer blocks adjacent AC outlets, a thoughtful improvement for crowded power strips and the tight confines of a pedalboard case. An LED indicator allows for quick visual verification that the PSA-120S2 is providing power as required. When the LED is lit, you can power on your BOSS pedals and devices with the confidence that clean, regulated DC power is flowing through the 10' cable.

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